Bringing you TAX PEACE of MIND!

– Katherine Varraveto, CPA

You can finally release that tax weight off your shoulders. 

~ Do you need help filing your personal tax returns?

~ Do you own a small business?

~ Do you have corporate tax questions?




Income Tax Return Preparation & Review

Income tax filing season is stressful. Sign up to get your federal and state tax returns prepared and filed for you!

Tax Advisory & Planning

Looking to save on your taxes? I provide customized consulting to identify new ways to minimize your taxes and save you $MONEY$.

IRS Audit Resolution

If the IRS sends you notices for additional assessments of tax, interest, or penalties, do not despair. I resolve large-dollar audit assessments using a time-tested process.

State & Local Tax Audit Resolution

State and local governments need funds but so do you. Avoid the headache, and contact me to get your state and local tax audits resolved.

Property Tax

Ensure your personal and business assets are in compliance through my comprehensive management of property tax declarations, assessments and payments.

Sales Tax

Wondering which items are taxable, non-taxable or eligible for exemption? Get your sales tax questions answered.

Business Setup Consulting

Set up your business for success and legal compliance using an ideal organizational structure and by meeting initial filing requirements.

State & Local Tax Nexus Analysis

Sleep well at night knowing you and your business(es) are filing tax returns in the appropriate jurisdictions.

Unclaimed Property

Get assistance with unclaimed property annual reporting, remittances and claims.

– Julie D., CPA

“Katherine is fantastic! I recommend her to my clients because I know they will be in trusted hands and tax engagements will go smoothly. Her work is complete, accurate and timely.”

– Sue A., CPA

“As a fellow CPA, I can recommend Katherine’s service with full confidence based on her deep knowledge in the tax field and sharp business acumen. She truly has clients’ best interest at heart and always goes the extra mile to make sure a topic is researched thoroughly and things are done right the first time. This high standard of professionalism is what sets her apart.”